Kaparis Defines Safety on Cruise Ships

A leader in the use of technology to enhance cruise shipping safety, Celebrity Cruise Lines' Demetrios Kaparis broke ground last year with his decision to implement gas turbine power on Celebrity's Millennium — a technology that he cites is "the future of marine power plants.


MSRC To Be Fully Operational In 18 Months

A vice president of the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) recently told the 13th World Petroleum Congress that his organization plans to be fully operational within the next 18 months. At a session devoted to environment and health matters, G.

Marco Designs N e w Class Of Combination Vessels

The first of a new class of combination vessels, the Marco 108-ft. (33-m) Special Oil Recovery Tug (SORT 33) was launched at Lien Ho Shipyards in Taiwan. Designed by Marco for China Petroleum Corp., the vessel reportedly combines the characteristics

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