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CMP Packs Decade of Tin-Free Experience

The International Maritime Authority has proposed a worldwide ban on tri- butyl tin (TBT) based antifouling paints, starting in January 2003. Confirmation of these dates is expected at the IMO diplomatic conference this October. Although some ship


S/S 'United States'— A Second Life For World's Fastest Passenger Liner?

The recent drydocking and inspection of the SS United States at Norshipco's yard in Norfolk showed the 28-year-old ship to be in excellent condition, both inside and out. Since the world's fastest passenger liner was mothballed in 1969, the Maritime

Kaparis Defines Safety on Cruise Ships

A leader in the use of technology to enhance cruise shipping safety, Celebrity Cruise Lines' Demetrios Kaparis broke ground last year with his decision to implement gas turbine power on Celebrity's Millennium — a technology that he cites is "the future of marine power plants.

Satellite Communications

MTN Adds Flex To Communications In maritime satellite communications, continuous, uninterrupted service is paramount. In development at this time is a revolutionary stabilized antenna system that will simultaneously transmit on C and Ku band and in both linear and circular polarity.

New Ferry Contract For Over $1-Million Awarded To Offshore Shipbuilding

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has awarded a contract "in excess of a million dollars" to Offshore Shipbuilding of Palatka, Fla., for the construction of a 250-passenger/ vehicle ferry. The contract is the second for a ferry

U.S. Court Of Appeals Rules On Disabilities Act

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh District (state of Florida), ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), applies to foreign vessels that embark passengers in U.S. ports. Stevens v. Premier Cruises (11th Cir. June 22, 2000) is a direct example of this Act.

Wartsila Turku Yard Will Build Cruise Ship For Iraq

Iraq has ordered a 6,000-grt seagoing passenger vessel (artist's conception shown above) from the Wartsila Turku Shipyards. The ship will be delivered to the Iraqi Ministry of Transport and Communications in the spring of 1982. Capacity of the vessel will be about 300 persons,

McNeece Design Stresses Security

Two of the cruise industry's most renowned organizations have joined forces to develop Securite One, which will lead to a safe and secure cruise vessel. Formulated by John McNeece, chairman of U.K.-based cruise ship designer McNeece and Brigadier,

Atlas Wins $10.8 Million Contract For Main Galleys On Carnival Superliners

Atlas Marine Services, Inc. of Miami, Fla., has been awarded a $ 10.8 million contract by Kvaerner Masa-Yards of Helsinki, Finland to deliver the main galleys aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' latest 70,000-ton superliners M/S Sensation and M/S Fascination.

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