White House Promises New Merchant Marine Policy

The Deputy Secretary of Transportation, James R. Busey, told the Connecticut Maritime Association's annual conference that a Bush Administration policy designed to protect the nation's merchant marine is forthcoming. Mr. Busey said that one major reform

A/S Vesta Incinerators Help Shipowners Meet Waste Regulations

Rules and regulations aimed at diminishing marine pollution through dumping of plastics and garbage are being increasingly enforced by various agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard. The MARPOL Annex V regulation, which has been in effect for almost three years,

World Shipbuilding to Fall Slightly

Last year was an active one for the international shipbuilding market. Although the order intake was significantly reduced from the order boom of the previous year, 46 million dwt, or 31.3 million compensated gross tons (cgt) of new ships were ordered.

Pacific Far East Line To Sell Three Vessels

Pacific Far East Line's board of directors has authorized the sale of three surplus vessels and 800 surplus steel barges to correct its current operating problems. The vessels are the luxury liner S/S Monterey, retired from service in early January; the luxury liner S/S Mariposa,

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