Safe Boats Wins 700- Boat, $145-M Contract

The Coast Guard will purchase up to 700 new Defender Class Response Boats from SAFE Boats International of Port Orchard, Wash. The new Defender Class boats, which will be used in homeland security missions, will replace nearly 300 non-standard


Xantic: Focus on Integrated Solutions

Long gone are the days when companies could profitably compete with a single service or product. Today's evolved satcom provider is not simply selling airtime. rather the trend is to • Meet the IMO requirements for SSAS • Additional communication services •

Satellite Communications

MTN Adds Flex To Communications In maritime satellite communications, continuous, uninterrupted service is paramount. In development at this time is a revolutionary stabilized antenna system that will simultaneously transmit on C and Ku band and in both linear and circular polarity.

Declaration of Security

Like most other tasks involving two or more parties, maritime security becomes less difficult if each party understands what the others are going to be doing. The method for achieving this understanding in the marine sector, under both the International

COMSAT General Elects McLucas President- Johnson Named Chairman

Dr. John L. McLucas, former administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, has been elected president of COMSAT General Corporation, and John A. Johnson, president of COMSAT General for the past four years, has been elected chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

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