Furuno O f f e r s N e w High-Performance S a t N a v R e c e i v e r

— L i t e r a t u r e O f f e r ed With an ever increasing number of vessels now sailing outside convenient loran C coverage, Furuno has introduced the FSN-90, a new satnav receiver with some of the most popular performance features. The FSN-90, after automatically acquiring the satellite signal, shows position in the lat./long. on a bright green, three-line fluorescent display. The system will also show date and time, the last 20 fixes and the next 100 satellite forecasts. It alerts the user for a multitude of operating conditions. For example, arrival and cross-track error alarms, satellite acquisition, fix computation, etc. The FSN-90 will accept manual entry of up to 10 waypoints and computes a wide range of navigational data, including range/bearing on either Great Circle or Rhumb Line course, set and drift, and distance run, as well as range/bearing, course to steer and time to go to any waypoint. The unit is completely self checking and permits easy entry of both speed and magnetic heading. The FSN-90 has standard inter- faces for speed and either gyro or magnetic heading inputs, plus standard outputs to Furuno GD-170 or GD-2000 video plotters or ZR-394 printer. It will also operate as a hybrid navigation system with either the LC-80 or LC-90 loran receivers. A built-in keep-alive system protects stored data in case of power failure, and the FSN-90 operates from a standard 12 or 24 VDC supply, requiring just 14 watts.

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