Northern Radio Announces New HF/SSB Transceiver- Literature Available

Northern Radio announces the recent introduction of the Model N-860 Scanning, synthesized HF/ SSB transceiver.

The new Model N-860, FCC type accepted, is said to be the first Scanning HF/SSB transceiver to be made available to the U.S. market. It features 200 field programmable and selectable simplex/ duplex channels, of which any number may be selected for scanning.

This is in addition to Northern's other standard features: 130,000 synthesized frequencies f r om 1.6 to 18 MHz—all of which (simplex or semi-duplex) are easily selectable by means of front panel thumbwheel switches; microprocessor controlled; all ITUdesignated frequencies to 18 MHz stored in permanent memory for simple recall; 150 watts PEP; speech processor that transmits a whisper at full rated power; automatic syllabic squelch; and much, much more.

For further information and free literature on Model N-860,

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