R.A. Sleiertin Joins Career Associates

ra sleiertin joins
career associates

Robert A. Sleiertin has joined the staff of Career Associates, Inc., North Dartmouth, Mass. as director of recruiting and placement for technical, management, marketing, sales, and purchasing personnel in the maritime industry.

Career Associates is an established professional placement firm. Its computer-based data retrieval system permits rapid matching of job requirements and available talent. Mr. Sleiertin's maritime background and knowledge will enhance the ability of the firm to serve the maritime industry effectively.

Mr. Sleiertin is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He sailed as a licensed deck officer, and for the past 21 years has been actively engaged in development, marketing, and sales of shipboard navigation, cargo planning, and propulsion systems. Prior to joining Career Associates, he was marketing manager for commercial marine systems at Raytheon's Submarine Signal Division.

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