Litton Exhibits New Load Monitoring System

litton exhibits new load monitoring system

Litton Automated Marine Systems of Woodland Hills, Calif., a division of Litton Systems (Canada) Limited, Toronto, Ontario, recently held a private exhibition of their Load Monitoring System in New York City. The exhibition, held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, was attended by key representatives of the marine industry located on the East Coast.

During the two-day period, Litton Automated Marine personnel demonstrated the ease with which the Load Monitoring System can be operated. The LMS calculates and displays the cargo-loading plan, shows shear force and bending moment curves for each condition, and provides a tabular summary of trim and stability data.

If installed as an on-line system, the LMS automatically receives ullage input from the ship's tank gauging system. The data is manually entered through the simplified keyboard for off-line systems. An off-line system can perform load calculations for more than one ship through the provision of additional tape cassettes containing pertinent characteristics of the ships involved.

Litton Automated Marine Systems markets a broad range of computer-based systems for the marine community. Included in the range of products are trend analysis systems for performance monitoring of steam and diesel plants and automatic navigation and steering control systems. Literature describing Litton's computer-based systems can be obtained by writing to Victor H. Prushan, Litton Automated Marine Systems, 21101 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, Calif. 91364.

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