Sperry Marine GPS Core Module And 501TR/GPS Navigator Offer Reliable, Accurate Performance

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—Free Literature Available— Sperry Marine Inc., Charlottesville, Va., is now shipping its GPS Core Module and the 501 TR/GPS Navigator to a growing number of commercial shipowners worldwide, according to Sperry project manager Bruce Angus.

The GPS Core Module is a singlechannel, sequenced, C/A code receiver which has been designed specifically for the professional marine user. Simplicity of hardware, reliability and availability of parts and unit ruggedness have been the design criteria for the GPS Core Module— all without compromising high performance accuracy.

Mr. Angus described the GPS Core Module receiver as automatically integrating all current and future operational satellites so that current buyers enjoy the early advantage of GPS with the assurance that the receiver will be performing optimally up to and after the full deployment of GPS satellites. Additionally, Sperry Marine offers a free satellite advisory software diskette to assist in predicting the interim GPS coverage on a given time and date.

The new GPS equipment features two RS232 ports which provide Lat, Long and Time updates every two to three seconds with a positional accuracy of 30 meters 2dRMS. The data format is flexible to configure and complies with SC104 format (the data message for differential corrections). Other formats such as NMEA0183 are available and, in addition, the unit has very low power consumption.

The Sperry Marine 501TR/GPS Navigator aids mariners wishing to specify the accuracy and continuity of GPS fixes. The 501TR/GPS uses an integrated transit receiver which fills the coverage gaps that will exist up to the time when all GPS satellites are deployed.

According to Mr. Angus, no other system available offers this combined transit/GPS capability with a common, complete single page navigation display. The operator is able to quickly become familiar with the screen location of essential navigation data and always knows whether the data is based on transit or GPS fixes.

Mr. Angus indicated that owners of existing Sperry Marine transit receivers will be able to easily upgrade their systems during a short onboard service call to full transit/ GPS receivers. These owners would then receive the full advantage of GPS technology at a minimum cost.

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